BIM for Asset Management in Urban Energy: feedback from the Sino-Asia Pacific Urban Energy Conference 2018

On September 12, Siveco China VP Paul Wang was invited to speak at the Sino-Asia Pacific Urban Energy Conference 2018. This gathering of industry professionals was co-organized by the Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA), Fengxi Energy Company and Xi'an District Heating Company. The APUEA is an initiative of the International Institute for Energy Conservation, supported by Euroheat & Power, the Danish Board of District Heating, the Asian Development Bank - ADB and the UN Environment Programme. The Association promotes the development of sustainable urban energy systems in the Asia Pacific region.
On the first day of the conference, nearly ten energy experts from China and abroad analyzed the recent developments and the new trend in the industry. Under the theme "BIM-oriented Smart Asset Lifecycle helps Urban Utilities upgrade their Assets Management", Paul Wang covered the maintenance challenges of China's New Energy market, how to optimize enterprise asset management through Maintenance 4.0, Siveco's case studies of BIM for asset management. Paul, one of Siveco's most senior executives, has witnessed the development of China's energy industry in the past 20 years with a rich practical experience in informatization projects. He helped deepened the participants' understanding of maintenance management by sharing practical ideas on how Siveco helps new energy and distributed energy companies in China to optimize their lifecycle of their facilities, with the assistance of new technology.
Chinese energy market is currently overcrowded with "smart" solutions – many suppliers simply adding the terms "Smart" or "4.0" to whatever services they are already providing – but in reality most energy companies still operate in a very traditional manner. Siveco's very practical experience improving maintenance in China for so many years was well received, most particularly the company’s many successful references with environmental infrastructures and energy projects all over the country.
While some of the international speakers propose a joint operating model – and sometimes a complete outsourcing of O&M to a foreign company – Paul Wang emphasized Siveco's understanding that Chinese energy companies need to improve their own business model and can become leaders in their own right. Siveco helps improve asset management regardless of who operates the facilities, but in most cases in China the owner is also the most qualified operator.
The message was well received and several energy companies requested one-to-one talks with Siveco, which took place after the event and on the second day. Areas of interest included Siveco's Smart O&M platform (based on the Coswin plant maintenance software and bluebee® field service mobile solution), BIM for Asset Management solutions to integrate maintenance from the design and construction phase of a project, ISO 55000 / GB/T 33172 consulting services and asset management training (in particular the online bluehoney course designed to inculcate maintenance management principles to O&M staff in large organizations).
We thank the very professional organizers, Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA), Fengxi Energy Company and Xi'an District Heating Company, for this very fruitful seminar. We also thank all participants for the lively exchanges. Siveco will continue to share practical insights and viewpoints with other industry players. For more information about Siveco, our services and solutions, please contact
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