Coswin 8i

Coswin 8i

Coswin 8i is a plant maintenance solution designed helps companies to increase their profitability – by improving the management of corporate assets, improving employee productivity and reducing costs.

Coswin 8i is a Computerized Maintenance Management System and Enterprise Asset Management solution designed to help companies increase their profitability, by improving the management of corporate assets, increasing employees' productivity and reducing costs, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Siveco China has unparalleled experience implementing Coswin 8i and achieving quick return on investment. Clients range from single-site industrial plants to large-scale multi-site multi-country groups, across various industries all over China and Asia.



2015 Engineers' Choice Award for Best Product for Equipment Maintenance and Inspection by Plant360


Asset Informatization Service / Application to Intelligent Equipment Informatization "Top Ten Enterprise"


"Recommended Case in Hazardous Waste" by E20


The Greater China Digital Transformation Excellence award (Application)

Smart O&M project at the wastewater division of Jiangsu Sino French Water honored among the “Selected Cases of Waste Water Treatment Industry” by E20                    



Web architecture

Coswin 8i full web architecture takes advantage of the latest web technologies (JSF, HTML5, Ajax). Users have access anytime anywhere from any internet browsers, minimizing network traffic and hardware requirements. 

As a result Coswin 8i can be implemented in very different configurations, from the simplest to the most complex, in local or extended network, on Oracle or SQL Server database.

Design & ergonomics

Coswin 8i is intuitive and easy to use, making its deployment very efficient. The software benefits from an innovative approach combining performance, user friendliness and simplicity, in a way that feels natural for end-users. Data manipulation is easy, with spreadsheet-like input, mass data update, on-request statistics, and simple export to spreadsheet.


Coswin 8i is multi-company and multi-language. The system is fully customizable for each user profile: terminology, screens layout, additional data fields, links to external applications, contextual menus, etc. User only sees data specific to their organization and authorization level.

A customizable homepage for each user profile

Coswin 8i homepages conveniently group relevant information and functionality in one single view:

  • Real-time performance indicators
  • Navigation through graphical diagrams
  • Integrated maps 
  • Integrated websites or other web applications

All with direct access to relevant Coswin 8i data and functional modules.

Reporting & performance indicators

Coswin 8i produces user-friendly reports to evaluate maintenance effectiveness and asset performance, thus providing a clear rationale for strategic and financial decisions. Siveco provides a library of standard reports based on international standards, which can be easily customized to meet specific reporting requirements, thanks to the integrated reporting tools.

Regulatory compliance and traceability

Coswin 8i helps companies ensure and demonstrate compliance with safety, environmental and other regulatory standards. The system provides audit trail functionality and access security for all transactions, including 21CFR11-compliant electronic signatures.