BIM for Asset Management

BIM for Asset Management

Since 2011, Siveco China has been at the forefront of BIM for Asset Management, thanks on the company's long experience implementing Asset Management solutions during construction.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is fast becoming mandatory in large buildings and infrastructure projects, yet its actual usage for operation and maintenance remains an open question. One reason is a lack of understanding of maintenance by engineering companies, BIM vendors and related companies. Another is the lack of suitable technological tools.

Unlike IT vendors, Siveco is an Asset Management consultancy familiar with real-life Operation & Maintenance. Siveco has developed BIM for Asset Management solutions, based on its popular Coswin 8i and bluebee® cloud platforms, designed "for O&M people by O&M people". Drawing on its long experience providing data preparation services during construction, Siveco also delivers consulting services to ensure the BIM model is prepared in line with operational needs.

Why BIM for Asset Management?
BIM data preparation for O&M
BIM for Asset Management solutions
Case studies

The use of BIM for Asset Management or O&M has become a requirement in many new government-owned infrastructures or large-scale industrial projects.

The main objectives are:

  • To ensure handover of technical data from construction to O&M (the same role the "turnkey CMMS" plays in greenfield plant projects)
  • To provide easy navigation into complex technical data (but not as usually imagined by BIM vendors)
  • To use BIM data to help optimize work (preparation, work permits, routing)
  • To keep the BIM "alive" after construction (Lifecycle BIM)

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