bluebee® risk prevention management system is live at LBC Shanghai Shipping Terminal

On September 5, top managers and team members of LBC Shanghai Shipping Terminal held a ceremony to mark the 3 months since the bluebee® risk prevention management system went live (April 24). The project, launched in January, was designed to take the bulk liquid storage terminal through all the steps of implementing a sustainable risk prevention management system, in compliance with the ISO 55000 Asset Management and ISO 31000 Risk Management standards.
At the ceremony, LBC deputy general manager Wang Xu expressed gratitude for the hard work of the joint LBC and Siveco project team. He said the terminal was now actively using bluebee® to optimize its assets management. LBC General Manager Yuan Xiaolin also shared his views on the project: "bluebee® is helping managers to monitor the condition of facilities and equipment, to identify risks and to track improvement actions. Non-compliance and risk areas are instantaneously reported on mobiles. Data records allow us to demonstrate compliance with the strictest standards and to systematically analyze and improve."
Siveco China's Managing Director Bruno Lhopiteau thanked the entire team for their efforts and concluded: "Siveco attaches great importance to the cooperation with LBC. As the industry faces increased regulatory oversight and undergoes consolidation, liquid storage terminals throughout China are looking for new ways to control industrial risks: LBC Shanghai Shipping Terminal makes an excellent showcase using advanced Maintenance 4.0 technologies to achieve this goal. The new ISO 55000-compliant process, QR-coded tags on critical assets and workers using explosion-proof mobile phones to perform inspections ensure that best practices are actually implemented from top management to technicians. Siveco will continue to support LBC with our cloud solution and support services as part of our yearly Enhanced Maintenance Support Contract."
After the congratulatory speeches, all attendees including colleagues and managers of the Operation, Maintenance, Security and Storage department enjoyed the bluebee®-branded cake and a bottle of French Champagne.
About Siveco China
Siveco China, founded in 2004, is the country's largest maintenance consultancy and a pioneer in the development of Maintenance 4.0 technologies, with a focus on mobile solutions "for the worker of tomorrow".  
Based on a long experience of "maintenance with Chinese characteristics", Siveco has developed a unique approach combining maintenance consulting and software tools. While the Chinese market has historically been plagued by IT suppliers without understanding of industrial reality, Siveco is run by maintenance people for maintenance people, focusing on obtaining rapid and sustainable improvement.
Siveco China has over 850 customer sites, including ABB, Alstom, Baosteel Gases, Beijing Environment, Capital Water, Carrefour China, CNEEC, CNOOC, Fushun Mining Group, Engie, Hanwha Chemical, International Paper, New World Development, Saint-Gobain, Shell, Suez, etc. The company boasts a growing export business, working alongside Asian EPC companies in Southeast Asia, the Middle-East and Africa.
Siveco China has won multiple awards, most recently prestigious Engineers' Choice Awards by Plant360 in three categories in 2015. Siveco is the only China-based maintenance consultancy to operate outside of China and the only company in Asia to have obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification for maintenance improvement services and CMMS development.
Siveco China is a subsidiary of Europe's leading supplier of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). 
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