S.B.I. Facility Services choses bluebee® to run its growing maintenance business

S.B.I. Facility Services has chosen bluebee®, the cloud- and mobile-based facilities management solution of Siveco, to ensure consistent best practices and the highest service levels for its growing maintenance business in China. The centralized system is offered by Siveco on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) basis, accessible on a secured website and on Android mobile phones. It is first being deployed on an existing S.B.I Facility Services contract with a multinational industrial plant in Shanghai.


The two companies held a signing ceremony at S.B.I. Facility Services office in Shanghai.



According to Daniel Mair, General Manager of S.B.I. Facility Services:


"We are delighted to cooperate with Siveco, a professional FM software provider with a vast China experience, in order to further expand our business and strengthen our position in the maintenance industry in China. Using proper FM software is key to provide international best practises maintenance services and differentiate ourselves as a quality-driven service provider."


According to Bruno Lhopiteau, General Manager of Siveco China:


"We are proud to work with S.B.I. Facility Services, a company that chose to operate to the highest quality standards in the Chinese market. Coming from an electrical engineering background, S.B.I. clearly recognizes the importance of standards and support tools, in a market where too many service companies still rely on the personal skills of each employee."


About SBI


S.B.I. Facility Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a WFOE subsidiary of B.I. Electrical Services (NI) which was founded 1989 in Belfast serving international clients with the following facility services:


Mechanical & Electrical Consulting Engineering
Testing & Commissioning
Facility Management (Maintenance, Asset Due Diligence, CAFM, Soft-FM Management)


Based on a robust business model, S.B.I. operates in various sectors such as Industrial, Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Mixed-Use Developments as well as Education with currently over 600 buildings in care, customers have the trust and knowledge that SBI deliver effective management of their estates and support services. SBI is flexible, customer-focused and open to tailor the services to the specific client needs to international best practise with strong focus on Health, Safety & Environment (incl. Energy Efficiency).


About Siveco China


Siveco China, founded in 2004, is the country's largest maintenance consultancy and a pioneer in the development of Maintenance 4.0 technologies, with a focus on mobile solutions "for the worker of tomorrow".


Based on a long experience of "maintenance with Chinese characteristics", Siveco has developed a unique approach combining maintenance consulting and software tools. While the Chinese market has historically been plagued by IT suppliers without understanding of industrial reality, Siveco is run by maintenance people for maintenance people, focusing on obtaining rapid and sustainable improvement.


Siveco China has over 800 customer sites, including ABB, Alstom, Arkema, Baida Air, Brose, Carrefour China, CEPSA, Changcheng Property Group, CNEEC, Fushun Mining Group, Engie, Greenland Holdings, Hanwha Chemical, International Paper, Nokia, Saint-Gobain, Shanghai World Expo 2010 pavilions, Shell, Sichuan Lutianhua, Suez Environnement, etc. The company boasts a growing export business, working alongside Asian EPC companies in Southeast Asia, the Middle-East and Africa.


Siveco China has won multiple awards including the prestigious 2010 Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions Grand Prix, Plant Engineering Product of the Year 2012, Engineers' Choice Award 2013 and CHaINA Supply Chain Excellence Award 2013. Siveco is the only China-based maintenance consultancy to operate outside of China and the only company in Asia to have obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification for maintenance improvement services and CMMS development.


Siveco China is a subsidiary of Europe's leading supplier of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). The company is headquartered in Shanghai, where it also operates a R&D center, and also has offices in Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong.


Siveco website: www.sivecochina.com


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