Siveco conducts condition monitoring project for papermaker in Nanjing

A leading international papermaker has selected Siveco to implement condition monitoring at its Nanjing packaging plant. This project has branched out from an overall maintenance improving program that Siveco has been running at group level (15 plants) since 2009. The plant produces corrugated cardboard sheets, cartons and related packaging products.


Bruno Lhopiteau, General Manager of Siveco China, a maintenance expert who started his career in vibration analysis, explains: "In China, condition monitoring has historically been hardware-driven: portable instruments are sold, together with a little training and promises of wonderful downtime reductions. More often than not, after the initial enthusiasm wears off, instruments are left to gather dust on a shelf. The entire improvement process is seldom managed, regular analysis not done… Online monitoring, sometimes perceived as the cure to this problem, has often made matters worse as it further disengages technicians from the process."


He adds: "The Siveco approach is, on the contrary, to run maintenance improvement programs with a systematic analysis of failures and their impact. Possible actions are then prioritized, condition monitoring being only one of the tools available. Technology – be it vibration measurement tools, mobile inspections devices such as our bluebee® solution, CMMS – has a very strong appeal and motivates the team to run the project. A significant amount of methodological support and follow-up is however required, in addition to the tool itself."


The Nanjing project is provided turnkey, including all key components:


-  Multi-year maintenance improvement program by Siveco experts, with support from a central CMMS
-  Supply of portable condition monitoring tool (from Siveco partner ACOEM 01db-Metravib)
-  FMECA study to define condition monitoring points
-  Setup of the management process (rounds, analysis)
-  Training and coaching of technicians
-  Follow-up audits and coaching


About Siveco China


Siveco is the largest maintenance consultancy in China. Based on a long experience of "maintenance with Chinese characteristics", Siveco has developed a unique approach to address the needs of plants, facilities and infrastructures owners in China through the utilization of technological tools. While the market has historically been plagued by IT suppliers without understanding of industrial reality, Siveco is run by maintenance people for maintenance people, focusing on obtaining rapid and sustainable improvement.


Siveco supports best practices in maintenance, facility management and risk prevention through a range of services including assessment, maintenance engineering, CMMS implementation, etc. Siveco provides a suite of very intuitive mobile solutions "for the worker of tomorrow", known as bluebee®, running on its own cloud computing platform and compatible with any back-office maintenance system (COSWIN, Maximo, SAP PM, Datastream, etc.).


Siveco has over 60 customers across more than 500 sites in China, including ABB, Alstom, ArjoWiggins, Arkema, Beijing Oriental Plaza, Brose, Carrefour China, Changcheng Property Group, CNEEC, Danfoss, Expo 2010 pavilions, GDF Suez, IKEA, International Paper, Kerneos, Nokia, Saint-Gobain, Sichuan Lutianhua, Sogefi, State Grid, ZF, etc.


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