Siveco delivers BIM-FM integration to CNOOC

In December 2015, Chinese offshore oil giant CNOOC selected Siveco to deliver its Facilities Management cloud and mobile platform bluebee®, integrated with BIM models in Revit format. Entirely based on standard Siveco software, the system is already up-and-running. The integrated systems allows users to access to all facility operation and maintenance data from the 3D view. It also enables advanced work preparation, using data and graphics from the model to assess step-by-step work instructions and safety points. The system is now undergoing further configuration and data preparation is ongoing, in view of its deployment.



Siveco has been at the forefront of interoperability in maintenance systems since the 1990s. Research on BIM integration dates back to a time when the term "BIM" had not yet been invented… Similar plant design tools and 3D models have been used in the process industry and shipbuilding for decades. The latest Siveco products, Coswin 8i and bluebee® cloud, feature standard integration with BIM, making all BIM data available to users and allowing navigation to and from 3D models. The integration is available with CADMATIC and REVIT. Drawing on its long experience providing data preparation services during project construction, Siveco also delivers consulting services to ensure the BIM model is prepared in line with operation and maintenance needs and international standards. For more on BIM-FM integration, see this Tips & Tricks article from our newsletter.


About Siveco China


Siveco China, founded in 2004, is the country's largest maintenance consultancy and a pioneer in the development of Maintenance 4.0 technologies, with a focus on mobile solutions "for the worker of tomorrow".


Based on a long experience of "maintenance with Chinese characteristics", Siveco has developed a unique approach combining maintenance consulting and software tools. While the Chinese market has historically been plagued by IT suppliers without understanding of industrial reality, Siveco is run by maintenance people for maintenance people, focusing on obtaining rapid and sustainable improvement.


Siveco China has over 800 customer sites, including ABB, Alstom, Arkema, Baida Air, Brose, Carrefour China, CEPSA, Changcheng Property Group, CNEEC, Fushun Mining Group, Engie, Greenland Holdings, Hanwha Chemical, International Paper, Nokia, Saint-Gobain, Shanghai World Expo 2010 pavilions, Shell, Sichuan Lutianhua, Suez Environnement, etc. The company boasts a growing export business, working alongside Asian EPC companies in Southeast Asia, the Middle-East and Africa.


Siveco China has won multiple awards including the prestigious 2010 Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions Grand Prix, Plant Engineering Product of the Year 2012, Engineers' Choice Award 2013 and CHaINA Supply Chain Excellence Award 2013. Siveco is the only China-based maintenance consultancy to operate outside of China and the only company in Asia to have obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification for maintenance improvement services and CMMS development.


Siveco China is a subsidiary of Europe's leading supplier of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). The company is headquartered in Shanghai, where it also operates a R&D center, and also has offices in Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong.


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