Siveco's 80th newsletter: our customers speak out! - "Maintenance in China" newsletter September 2017

Welcome to the 80th issue of the "Maintenance in China" newsletter! For this exceptional issue, published on September 28th, we let our customers speak! Apart from our Managing Director's editorial, the newsletter is entirely written by our great Siveco China customers. We are honored to welcome to our pages:
Wang Guanghui, General Manager of the Operation Department at Capital Water, writing about "The implementation of ISO 55000 and Maintenance 4.0 at Capital Water". Capital Water has initiated a company-wide asset management program aligned with ISO 55000, which Siveco is proud to support.


Yan Wei, Operation Director of Baosteel Gases, on "Digitalizing O&M management at Baosteel Gases plants with EMM and bluebee®". Baosteel Gases, an ambitious utility company, always keen to showcase their maintenance excellence in their own newsletter and other media.


Benjamin Chan-Piu, Business Line Director of NWS Suez, wrote "Siveco provides key support to Suez NWS's growing waste-to-energy business". Environmental giant NWS Suez has been working with Siveco since 2005 in its numerous PPP projects all over China.


Benoit Sassin, Corporate Director of GSN, sharing on the subject of "GSN setting new benchmark for facilities management using bluebee®". The top German facility management service provider in China ensures superior service quality with bluebee®.


Plus, as usual, our Latest News.
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